Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of various questions that we hear all the time in relation to our service and working with i-patchwork Team Unstoppable. Please be sure to read through all of this questions and answers before signing up for our service, so that you can really understand the benefits of using the service to save your valuable time when searching for virtual assistants.


If after reading through them, you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

How long does your process take, from start to finish?

Our recruitment process is usually 7-14 days. However, it can sometimes be a little longer, depending on the experience level you need, our current pool of candidates and how quickly we receive important Business Form Kit information back from you, such as your personal/business goal, job description, etc. We’re sure you’ll agree that sometimes it’s best to spend a few extra days to find the BEST person for the job!

Will you help me train my VA?

We don’t directly train the VA for you. However, please understand that all Virtual Assistants in our database have a certain amount of experience in the roles you need them to fulfill for you that you can be assured of. Every relationship and entrepreneur has different ways of things to be done. You will have no doubt to spend some kind of training at first, especially on a specific task for you or your business. Once you learn how you like things done, they’ll be off to the races.

Will you help me pay my VA?

No. The VA you select using our service is your direct employee. They don’t work for us, they work for you – it is between the two of you how much, when and any other details surrounding their pay.

What happens if my VA can’t understand the task I give them?

This happens infrequently, except for the odd occasion when your VA might ask for a simple clarification on things. Our Philippine-based Virtual Assistants are fluent in English with very good communication skills in both written and verbal. They also have experience in their respective roles for you too.

What happens if I don’t like the final candidates that you select for me?

This doesn’t happen very often. However, should you not select your VA from the first batch of final candidates that we provide you; we will, as part of our 10-day guarantee, present you with another three candidates, free of charge. Following this, if you still cannot decide on hiring a VA on the second batch of candidates and want us to continue looking for you, you will need to sign up for the service again.

What happens if I am unhappy with the virtual worker that I choose?

If ever you do not want to continue with the VA that you’ve chosen for a certain reason. Within 10 days from the date you hired them, we will select another three candidates for you to meet so you can choose again – completely free of charge. However, if you make this decision after the 10-day period, you will have to sign up for the service again. You should utilize our service to find another  i-patchwork virtual assistant, please note that we don’t offer a money back guarantee.

What’s the hourly rate for VAs?

Since we aim to provide you with VAs who will have a long-lasting working relationship with you, we do not suggest that you pay on an hourly basis. You should offer your VAs a fixed monthly rate depending on the skills, tasks, and experiences required on your job description.

Do you provide any other type of developers aside from WordPress developers?

For now, we are only sourcing for WordPress developers. Other types of developers are very in-demand in the market and are becoming very difficult to find since they also demand a higher rate.

Do you have bilingual VAs?

We currently do not have a pool for bilingual VAs at the moment, so we are not able to accommodate jobs that require VAs to speak a specific foreign language aside from English, Tagalog, French, and German.

Do you have a discounted rate for returning clients?

We have discounted rates for our returning clients. Please inform our team if you plan to sign up more than once, so we can send you the discounted link.

How many VAs can I hire?

One sign-up is good for one role. One sign-up entitles you to a selection of three candidates which you can hire.

What are the usual working hours of VAs?

Most VAs prefer to work during normal Philippine office hours, which are 8am-5pm local time.

Do you have any affiliate programs?

Yes, we do.  Please email us at for more details.

Do you provide part-time VAs?

We do provide part-time VAs, but many candidates are more interested in full time and long-term positions. You can later move your VA to a full-time position in the future and this must be specified in your job description.

Is there any discount on hiring multiple Virtual Assistants?

Hiring a virtual employee is not normally as easy as most people think it is. There is a lot that should go into the process, such as additional training, interviewing, background checks, collecting references, testing, etc. While we do offer a discount for our returning clients, we do not offer a discount for hiring multiple VAs.

How do I pay my VA and how much?

You can pay your VAs in a number of ways. The most popular option for Filipino VAs is PayPal. Most home-based VAs will generally accept 350-500 USD a month for part-time work, and between 600-700 USD per month for a full-time position.

What is the 13th month pay in the Philippines? Do I have to pay it?

In the Philippines, all employees must be paid a pro-rate amount in December which is known as the 13th month. It’s basically a government mandated end-of-year bonus. You are not required to pay for it. Your VA is probably not paying taxes on their earnings from working for you because you are an overseas employer. However, if you feel the employee did well on their job and seen as a part of your company’s family or staff, then give them the year-end bonus.

The bottom line of this one is that offering the 13th-month pay to your home-based VA will certainly make them a happier, more long-term type of employee, for sure.

What about security?

Working with your i-patchwork Virtual Assistant does need to be done in the right way, especially in the beginning. But this can also be said if you were to work with somebody in the same office in a similar professional relationship. We suggest you build up trust slowly, before giving any overly sensitive information (such as copies of passports of credit card statements, etc.) to your VA. Common sense is required in all aspects of the business, right? Virtual, or not.

Can I change my mind on the type of virtual employee you find for me, after you begin searching?

Yes, you can. However, because a lot of local resources, time and a certain amount of money goes into searching for your virtual assistant, if our sourcing procedure has indeed begun, and you want to change your mind on the type of virtual worker you need (following submitting your job description document), we will class this as utilizing our 10-day guarantee promise, and will present to you just three finalized candidates, based on your second choice only. These then complete our service to you.

Is it possible for my VA to work during my preffered hour/timezone?

Yes. We can source for VA’s who are willing to work depending on the work schedule you have specified. However, if the schedule is during an evening shift in the Philippines then we suggest that you provide the minimal night difference. This is usually an additional amount of at least 50 USD/month.

Do I need to provide health insurance? What is the average cost for this?

This is an option for employers to provide. However, we recommend that you discuss these with your VA preferably on the 6th month of employment. Health insurance costs vary, but you can ask your VA to research possible options.

What are the task that can be handled by a General Virtual Assistant?

General VAs usually handle administrative tasks.

Can GVAs handle calls?

GVAs can definitely handle calls. However, we do not recommend that you delegate-heavy the number of calls because of the country’s internet connection speed. In general, it is incomparable to what you might have in your area.

What is your policy regarding holidays?

This will depend on your agreement with your VA as to which holidays to follow. You can agree whether you follow the Philippine holidays or your preferred holidays. In the Philippines, employees receive double pay when they are asked to work on public holidays.

When is the right time to offer a salary increase?

This will depend on when you will conduct your first performance evaluation of your VA. Most employers provide an increase after three months of employment. Usually, another evaluation will be on the 6th month. This could also vary depending on the company policy you have in place.