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Please check out learning materials to help keep kids engaged in education during these trying times.

  1. The Ohio Department of Health’s website has a page dedicated to at-home learning material for students for kids ranging from K-12. 
  2. NAEYC has advice online for parents on how to choose technology for young children. 
  3. Common Sense Media is also a good resource for parents to determine which websites, movies, and books are age-appropriate.
  4. The Kennedy Center holds a daily lunch doodle with children’s book author Mo Willems. 
  5. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) provides ideas for hands-on, non-screen science projects. 
  6. Dog Man author Dav Pilkey has activities and read aloud each Friday morning. You can also find these on the Scholastic and at the Library of Congress websites.
  7. The Smithsonian website is offering a wide range of resources for children of all ages. 
  8. The Library of Congress website is sharing books, activities, entertainment, and more. 
  9. Scholastic Learn at Home offers stories, videos, and learning activities. 
  10. Ohio’s Learning Standards lays out the skills Ohio’s students PreK-12 should have.
  11. The PAST Foundation is offering online courses, workshops, and STEM activities.

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